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MAGNUM Three Phase Submersible Control Panels - CONTROLLER EXECUTIVE is a powerful controlling device for your submersible pump made with heavy duty components, it protects your pump from hazards caused due to over-current and voltage.


Magnum Three Phase Submersible Control Panels are powerful controlling devices for your submersible pumps which are used for domestic and agricultural installations. Magnum Three Phase Submersible Control Panels found in many applications such as,

  • Drainage
  • Sewage Pumping
  • General Industrial Pumping
  • Slurry Pumping


  • Seven tank treated MS powder coated enclosure to provide better corrosion resistance.
  • Rugged MCH/ MMK-1 Contactor with wide voltage band (380V to 440V).
  • Fitted with MCH/ MMK-1 type relay for reliable overload protection.
  • Fitted with ammeter to inspect the motor current.
  • Option to switch off the incoming power supply completely.
  • Indication lamp for motor running.
  • Fitted with Single Phasing Preventer and Auto start Unit which is used to switch on three phase motor/pump automatically & to protecT them against under/high voltage, wrong phase sequence and single phasing.


  • Switches your pump/motor on and off.
  • Protects the pump from
    • over current
    • Low Voltage below 180V
    • High Voltage more than 440V
    • Phase Sequence Reversal
    • Single Phasing Condition
  • Indication of current drawn by the motor.
  • Indication of power supply.
  • Option of automatically switching on the pump when power supply resumes.